These are the best sources for Audio Samples

When making music audio samples can be used for inspiration or as part of a song. They can provide the best that the artist is looking for. These are the best sources for audio samples on the internet.

Free Sounds

This website has a number of different audio samples that a person can use or get inspiration from. There are noise loops that a person can use as well as disordered bass samples and instruments that have unique sounds. A person can search by the type of instrument they are looking to sample and they can also check out the most downloaded sounds. These clips can add to a song or another project that a person is working on.

Source Sounds

This site will help a person find the sound they are looking for. A person can contact this site about the sound they are looking for a make a request. The site will then recommend sounds that best fit with their customer is looking for.

Easy Step

This site has a number of different tracks that can be sample. They have everything from music and loops to vocal clips that can be used. A person can listen to the sample before deciding to make a purchase. They can also see how long it is and how it ranks. This will allow a person to listen to different samples and select the one that will best fit their project.


This site has a large selection of different audio clips. A person can find the music they are looking for and they can also find some vocal samples. Registration is free and will allow a person to have access to a number of different audio samples.

 Crowley’z World

This site may have an interesting name but it contains a large number of audio samples. There are many samples in zip format making them easy to listen to. There are sound samples and there are vocal samples as well. This has everything that a person needs to make a successful sample.

 Sample Swap

This site has a number of samples that were used and created by professionals. There are a number of audio samples as well as electronic sounds as well that a person can use. There are over 1,200 different sound samples to choose from. There are vocal track packs as well and there are options to have exclusive access to certain audio clips.

 Rapid 4 Me

This has a number of different vocals. When a person signs up they will be given a sample pack so they can get an idea of the sounds they can use and download. This site is great for people that are looking for unusual sound clips and vocals. There is a wide range of style when it comes to these clips.

These are some of the best places online to help a person find audio samples and audio clips. These clips can be used to enhance a project and will give it the right sounds it needs to be successful.

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