Before asking a question, please check the FAQ thoroughly! Although we love talking to you, there’s only 24 hours in the day so if these answers can help you that’s brilliant. If not, either email us through our contact form on the website or message us on Facebook. Although we do answer through our other social media pages, these are our main contact channels. Please note that any emails we receive where the question is already answered above will not get a response. Please do not email or ring any of the venues. Although they’ll try to help you as best they can, you’re best contacting us directly with your questions!
We can’t tell you or it would spoil the surprise.
Tickets are released at least a month before the events take place. Generally this will happen on the 1st of the prior month at 6pm.
We don’t allow tickets to be pre-booked to give everyone a fair chance at buying tickets.
We can’t commit to individually informing people when tickets come on sale due to the vast amount of requests we get a day. Once tickets come on sale, we announce the new dates on Facebook. You can be alerted every time we post by hovering over the like button on our profile and selecting notifications.
We do not supply guestlist tickets to any customers who have been unable to get tickets through Skiddle
No, refunds will only be issued if we cancel an event which you have bought a ticket for.
We have a limited amount of tables available for reservations at our events. Reservations are only available for groups of 8 people or more and each person must already have a ticket. Please note that the amount of tables we can reserve are restricted and these are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis.