Basically, everyone you know who’s dabbled with recording, arranging, chopping, looping, mixing or remixing music has tried Fruity (now known as FL Studio Beat Maker) too, which makes you wonder if it can be any good – ’cause they sure ain’t. Although FL Studio beat maker or Fruity Loops (depending on how you roll) is well known amongst beat making scene beginners (which probably has more to do with its generous, mostly unrestricted free demo version and quirky former title than anything else), it’s actually been considered a respectable addition to any self-respecting beat producer’s workflow since the late 90s, when Belgian software outfit Image-LineRead More →

Editing your music with reason by Propellerhead software is easier than thought. The software is usually presentable and easy to use. Here is how to edit audio using Reason. Introducing the audio material The first thing to when undertaking any audio editing project is to record or import onto the audio track. For instance, if you decide to import a drum loop from your computer directory, it is going to be faster – as usual with most imports – than the tempo of your project. Reason tends to automatically stretch it into a desirable tempo. If you are not happy with this default auto-stretch setting,Read More →

What is FLStudio Fruity Loops are one of the most demanded products by the consumers. These products are mostly demanded by the consumers who are music lovers or those who are interested in creating and designing new music. The FL Studio Samples are the best way one can do that. There are many other products like these, but they are not preferred by the people. There are many reasons for this, but the most of the people believe that these are the best samples and there aren’t any. Also unlike others, these FL Studio Samples are the best in the market. The company knows thatRead More →

When you need help with audio mixing and want to master it right you will have to first think about what you are doing now. And you will need to know where you are going wrong. You might not have done much of this before, but even the smallest of details that you might have missed will affect it greatly. And you can’t afford to keep making the same mistakes so you will need to take these audio mixing and mastering tips to heart. Start By Getting The Treble Right If you have horrible treble, then no one will want to listen to the soundRead More →

When making music audio samples can be used for inspiration or as part of a song. They can provide the best that the artist is looking for. These are the best sources for audio samples on the internet. Free Sounds This website has a number of different audio samples that a person can use or get inspiration from. There are noise loops that a person can use as well as disordered bass samples and instruments that have unique sounds. A person can search by the type of instrument they are looking to sample and they can also check out the most downloaded sounds. These clipsRead More →