FL Studio Beat Maker

Basically, everyone you know who’s dabbled with recording, arranging, chopping, looping, mixing or remixing music has tried Fruity (now known as FL Studio Beat Maker) too, which makes you wonder if it can be any good – ’cause they sure ain’t.

Although FL Studio beat maker or Fruity Loops (depending on how you roll) is well known amongst beat making scene beginners (which probably has more to do with its generous, mostly unrestricted free demo version and quirky former title than anything else), it’s actually been considered a respectable addition to any self-respecting beat producer’s workflow since the late 90s, when Belgian software outfit Image-Line first introduced it as a basic MIDI drum-machine.

And the reason that you’re kid sister or whoever tried it one and final time, probably has something to do with the fact that today FL Studio beat maker is a professional level DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), rivaling the most popular (and expensive) industry standard beat/music production toolsets, such as Pro Tools, Sonar, and Cubase.

In fact, according to the official FL Studio website, one of the reasons the software’s irreverent Fruity Loops title was replaced, was to allow the product to gain credibility amongst serious producers and artists who might have written it off as a “looper,” or as just plain “too fruity” for their hard hittin’ brand of rap, house, reggae or whatever. And still, in spite of what some might call a naming mishap, FL Studio beatmaker has a long list of dedicated pro

users (found in the “Power Users” section of its website) who’ve graduated with it from its simple looping days.

From the time you start checking out its panels, you know that FL Studio beat maker wasn’t designed for the same people that your standard “in thing” free online one-bar looper or pre-canned MP3 loop assembler was put together to suck in. If you don’t know what a sequencer, mixer, piano roll, graph editor, drum pad, synth or string modeler (just to list a small handful of the windows you may see) is, you might think you mistakenly downloaded a flight simulator called FLIGHT Studio.

For its collage of tools, which make a vexing question of, “where to start,” FL Studio’s industry standard execution of efficiency-inspired workflow and workspace customization, depends on its ability always to offer a producer more than one option for any given task. Factor in its intuitive and extensive MIDI controller linking options and 104 track mixer with sidechaining and multi-track recording input/output, and it’s not hard to see why this sound design suite is frequently in the conversation with blinged-out $500+ DAWs it best compares to, especially when the topic is ease and speed of recording, editing, composing and sequencing.

Although its lower-end versions, like FL Studio Express (the US $49), don’t include all of them, FL Studio beat maker – which supports all open standards plugin formats (namely, VST 1,2,3, DX and Buzz) – is truly tricked-out by every imaginable kind of plugin or add-on, which you can also accessorize your version with on a one-by-one basis. These include a wide variety of advanced software instruments and synthesizers and effects. FL Studio Express, quite impressively, does come with over 25 effects filters and 15 generators, plus the synths you’ll need to make or match virtually any sound.


Editing your music with reason by Propellerhead software is easier than thought. The software is usually presentable and easy to use. Here is how to edit audio using Reason.

Introducing the audio material

The first thing to when undertaking any audio editing project is to record or import onto the audio track. For instance, if you decide to import a drum loop from your computer directory, it is going to be faster – as usual with most imports – than the tempo of your project. Reason tends to automatically stretch it into a desirable tempo. If you are not happy with this default auto-stretch setting, you can simply right-click anywhere on the field and disable it using the shortcut menu.


Double-clicking on your audio clip will open it in the Edit view in which you will notice that Reason has automatically added the editing slice markers. If you have used ReCycle before then this slice setting will look familiar to you and you will realize that it works pretty the same way. If you try to Zoom in you will notice that the slice markers gets placed at transients. Slice detection tends to be better with the increase in your materials rhythm.

Working with the markers

Try out picking and moving a marker. They obey your project’s snap setting which you can locate at the top left part of the window. Therefore, if you want to maintain a note or the beat, it is sensible to set your snap setting at approximately 1/16. To adjust a marker with increased precision, consider switching to a much finer resolution such as 1/32 or 1/64.

Snapping and Re-snapping

To make an entirely free edit to the transient marker, go to the snap area and disable snapping by unticking the box. This enables you to easily Zoom in and freely adjust any transient. This is especially great for making smaller corrections even if a sound ought to be put off the beat. However, remember to enable snapping again once you are done.


In case you have been editing your audio and made mistakes that led to ruining it or you have another clip that requires tidying procedures, you can simply opt to quantize it. Ensure you are in the Edit mode then right-click on the audio before choosing Quantize in the shortcut menu. This will immediately pull the slices into the time in relation to the currently selected snap value.

Splitting the clips

Right-clicking on the clip while the slices are selected gives you the option to split your clip at the spots indicated by the slice markers. If you choose the split option, you will notice that Reason has cut your sliced audio into multiple separate clips. This is highly useful when you need to extract a sound or loop from the audio and putting it to another use elsewhere in your project.

Stitching your slices back into original audio

In case you’ve made slice edits but you’ve changed your mind and decided to return them to the initial state, simply right-click anywhere in the window and select Revert Slices on the shortcut menu. This process serves to undo all quantization and other audio movements.

Working on audio files in Reason entails an expansive tutorial. The steps described above are the basics. Mastering the processes above, however, acts as a window to the bigger world of editing your music with reason by Propellerhead software.

What is FLStudio Fruity Loops

What is FLStudio Fruity Loops are one of the most demanded products by the consumers. These products are mostly demanded by the consumers who are music lovers or those who are interested in creating and designing new music. The FL Studio Samples are the best way one can do that. There are many other products like these, but they are not preferred by the people. There are many reasons for this, but the most of the people believe that these are the best samples and there aren’t any. Also unlike others, these FL Studio Samples are the best in the market. The company knows that many other brands are coming up on the market each day. But if they have to stay in the market for a long time they have to supply the best products to serve the consumer in a better way. The company knows that the satisfaction of the customers is the way to remain in the market for a longer time.

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One can buy these samples from various places in the market. But the best place to buy them is on the internet. In this fast advancing world, there are many websites coming up each day. These websites are offering various products and that too at a low price with guarantee. So it is better to buy these products from the internet. On the internet one can also get various drum loops. The best way to create drum loops is to make a list of the existing loops and then rearrange them in such a manner that one gets various combinations.

Use These Audio Mixing And Mastering Tips For Great Audio

When you need help with audio mixing and want to master it right you will have to first think about what you are doing now. And you will need to know where you are going wrong. You might not have done much of this before, but even the smallest of details that you might have missed will affect it greatly. And you can’t afford to keep making the same mistakes so you will need to take these audio mixing and mastering tips to heart.

Start By Getting The Treble Right

If you have horrible treble, then no one will want to listen to the sound that you have mixed. So, get this figured out first by having the right equipment to record this sound. Make sure that it sounds clear, and make sure that it mixes well with the other sounds that you are putting together. When you have great and clear treble everything else will begin to fall into place and sound much better, as well.

Plan Out The Sounds You Want To Hear

Make sure that you have a plan in place before you get to mixing the audio or you won’t like the way that it sounds. You need to be careful about each step of the process so that you will get everything to sound great together in the end. Take the time to sit down and plan everything out so that you will create audio that is worth hearing.

Place It All In Right

If you want things to sound good, then you will need to be careful about placement. The vocals need to come in at just the right time, and they need to be loud enough to be heard clearly. Keep switching things around until you get the vocals just right. Place everything in the right spot and you will create a great mix.

Make Sure You Have Good Equipment

One of the biggest things that you will need to think about before you get started with any of this is the equipment that you will use. You need to have the highest quality equipment or you won’t produce the sound that you want. You will also need to record all of the sounds in the right room, where it is quiet and you won’t pick up any unwanted noises, and you will need to have a great program for editing. So, figure out all of your equipment before you get started with anything else.

You are going to feel great about the way that you mix and master the audio when you follow all of the above suggestions. Plan things out and know how you are going to get the sound to be like you want it before you start recording or editing it. You will feel great when you know that you have a good plan in place and all of the equipment that you need to make things turn out right.

These are the best sources for Audio Samples

When making music audio samples can be used for inspiration or as part of a song. They can provide the best that the artist is looking for. These are the best sources for audio samples on the internet.

Free Sounds

This website has a number of different audio samples that a person can use or get inspiration from. There are noise loops that a person can use as well as disordered bass samples and instruments that have unique sounds. A person can search by the type of instrument they are looking to sample and they can also check out the most downloaded sounds. These clips can add to a song or another project that a person is working on.

Source Sounds

This site will help a person find the sound they are looking for. A person can contact this site about the sound they are looking for a make a request. The site will then recommend sounds that best fit with their customer is looking for.

Easy Step

This site has a number of different tracks that can be sample. They have everything from music and loops to vocal clips that can be used. A person can listen to the sample before deciding to make a purchase. They can also see how long it is and how it ranks. This will allow a person to listen to different samples and select the one that will best fit their project.


This site has a large selection of different audio clips. A person can find the music they are looking for and they can also find some vocal samples. Registration is free and will allow a person to have access to a number of different audio samples.

 Crowley’z World

This site may have an interesting name but it contains a large number of audio samples. There are many samples in zip format making them easy to listen to. There are sound samples and there are vocal samples as well. This has everything that a person needs to make a successful sample.

 Sample Swap

This site has a number of samples that were used and created by professionals. There are a number of audio samples as well as electronic sounds as well that a person can use. There are over 1,200 different sound samples to choose from. There are vocal track packs as well and there are options to have exclusive access to certain audio clips.

 Rapid 4 Me

This has a number of different vocals. When a person signs up they will be given a sample pack so they can get an idea of the sounds they can use and download. This site is great for people that are looking for unusual sound clips and vocals. There is a wide range of style when it comes to these clips.

These are some of the best places online to help a person find audio samples and audio clips. These clips can be used to enhance a project and will give it the right sounds it needs to be successful.